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You will need a car kit, any where from 1928 to 1948 American iron, no convertibles or chopped tops. A motor bracket, I have one left, they are $8.00. All the above have reserved a bracket. You will also need a 1.0 inch wide X 1.0 ft. long X 060" or so thick brass piece, Parkrose Hardware supplies brass pieces

.I am once again guessing on the $ for the rest of the parts: Motor about $15.00, front and rear axle $4.00 a pair, crown gear $5:00, pinion $5.00, front tires $8:00, rear tires $12.00, bushings, need two at about $1:00 apiece, guide flag $3:00, brushes $2:00. THIS IS JUST A GUESS ! As stated above I have one motor bracket left at $8:00. I am going to supply the rest of the brass and piano wire if Parkrose Hardware has what I need. I have some of what we need and it may be enough, but I will head for the store just in case

.If any one else you know of that wants to attend please let me know


See ya.


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