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NASTE 2019 IROC Series - Race 9


August brought us a few hot days and it was nice to spend one of those in Al’s basement playing with toy cars.  This was our second stop this season and as it’s a regular on our Thursday night schedule racers had no trouble adapting to the track or the cars.

Up first – the Slot.It Porsches.  Fast, smooth, everyone likes these cars.  Liking them the most was ‘The Mailman’ Terry Abbott taking the lead with a 71.9 lap total.  Our host Al was about half a lap back in second with Monte Saager staking claim to third – barely by a tenth over Dan ‘Doc’ Fritz.  In total six cars were within two laps of the leader – the chase was on!  In the B Class, newcomer Dain Huston was giving the regulars something to think about with a good lead over Dorothy ‘The Hammer’ Abbott in second and Victoria ‘Zen Racer’ Saager in third.

In the second set another favorite returned – the WOMPS – only this time with some sharp looking new bodies.  Al’s been busy!  And this time it was Jeff Fields bringing the thunder with a decisive win of nearly a lap over Tracy Flood in second with Monte in third down about another lap.  In the B Class Dain finally came back to earth while Victoria turned up the heat to take the win with Dain and Dorothy tied for second.  

When the results were tallied it was Monte and Tracy tied atop the leader board with Jeff third and Al fourth.  In the B Class Dain claimed the victory with Victoria second and Dorothy third.

Thanks to Al and Donna for hosting a fun night of racing.  Next up, a trip to – well, stay tuned…but wherever we’re at it’s sure to be an entertaining evening, we’ll hope to see you there.


NASTE 2019 IROC Series - Race 6


The 2019 NASTE Saturday IROC Series once again returned to Hillsboro for a visit to Monte and Victoria’s Penguin Point.  A good field of 14 racers turned out to give the Point a workout.  It was also a chance to visit with both new fiends and old.  Making their first visit to the Point was the Feb family – Charity, Elspeth and Aslan.  And making a return trip after too long an absence was Frank Lynn.  Welcome!

 After some time for the “newbies” to practice it was time to put on the race faces.  Monte put up two sets of Slot.It cars – Alfa’s and Lancia’s.  Alfa’s are short-tailed open top cars, Lancia’s are long-tailed GT’s.  With the twists and turns of the Penguin Point track, each offers a slightly different challenge.  Most racers seem to fare better with the longer tailed cars.

Taking up the challenge, the track owner Monte put the hurt down in no short order.  After the first set Monte led the D1 field by one half lap with Terry in second and Tracy in third another tenth behind.  Dorothy led the D2 field with Victoria in second and team Feb charging hard.

In the second set Monte again took the D1 lead and finished first overall while Tracy managed to get past Terry to take second overall with Terry taking third.  In D2 Dorothy held off Victoria to take the win with Charity (mom) Feb taking both third and family bragging rights for the night.

Thanks to Victoria for keeping the pizzas rolling and to all those that contributed to keep racers well fed.

Come join us for our next race Saturday, June 15th in Troutdale at Bob Nakamura’s Gorge Raceway.


NASTE 2019 IROC Series - Race 3


The NASTE Second Saturday Series for 2019 continued with a trip to Rippin’ Ridin’ Raceway – Al’s fun and fast track in Portland.

Most of us are no stranger to this track since it’s become the current home of Odd Thursday night racing.  And with this familiarity a lot of close racing was expected.  We were not disappointed.

To start the evening Al provided a set of Scalextric F1 cars that had been worked over to the max by Al.  They handled great and were a fun drive.  ‘Careful with that red lane’.  Taking the top spot in this set was our host Al, followed by Zack just squeaking by Monte by a tenth of a lap.  As always, close racing and every lap counts.

Slot.It Porsches were the battle cars for the second set.  Fast, smooth and quiet.  Excellent race cars.  And surprise, surprise – taking his first NASTE win was Mitch Brooks.  Congratulations Mitch!  Back about half a lap, Terry Abbott claimed second, with Al in third another half lap back.

For the third and final set Al brought out a NASTE favorite – Parma WOMPS.  The WOMPS always bring a smile.  They circle the track like a small pack of angry bees.  Tightly packed angry bees.  Taking first place in the bee herding derby was Jeff Fields who was fit to be tied… by Monte.  Both tallied 71.9 laps.  Just about one lap back was another tie for third between Terry and Mitch.  As stated, close racing all night long.

When the final totals were tallied, guess what – a tie – for first place.  This time between Al and Monte.  Great driving gentlemen!  Terry took third with newcomer Zach Morgan – a force to be reckoned with – taking fourth just ahead of Jeff and Mitch with a mere three tenths separating the three of them.

A special thanks to our hosting team of Al, Donna and Chris for keeping us well fed and entertained.  It seemed like every time I looked up there’d be Donna or Chris coming through with another dish.  Thank you, ladies!  

Next up, the March Race at Monte and Victoria’s Penguin Point track in Hillsboro.  It’s sure to be a fun night, make your plans to join us.  Monte says the Moon Rover and the pink pig will both be on display.  We’ll see you there.


NASTE 2019 IROC Series - Race 1


The NASTE Second Saturday Series for 2019 kicked off with a fun evening of entertainment at Monte and Victoria’s Jacquelin Park Speedway in Hillsboro.

The Jaq is a 60’ Carrera Digital track that can race up to 6 cars at once on its smooth flowing 2 lane layout.  Racers have to adjust to the fact that other cars will be in their lane – all the time.  It’s a different kind of beast.

The race was broken up into three sections with the lap totals from each section added together for a grand total.

For the first section vintage sports cars took to the track in a classic battle – Porsche 904’s and Cobra’s.  The second section brought out something new – SCX NASCAR’s!  Converted to Carrera Digital and with the magnets firmly in place the COT’s ripped around the track with a fury.  Per Victoria, we were not using the fuel settings so no trips to the pits, just flat out racing. 

For the final section, the lights went out, and in the distance the 1:24 Carrera Cheetah’s could be heard starting to growl.  It’s always fun to race in real darkness and the Cheetah’s brought just the right touch to the final heats.

When the final counts were made Terry Abbot finished first with Tracy Flood and Al Christensen tied for second.

A special thanks to Victoria for having pizza at the ready and to all the rest that brought snacks to share.  Next up, the January Race at Stan’s track in Newburg.  It’s sure to be a fun night, make your plans to join us.


NASTE 2019 IROC Series - Race 2


The NASTE Second Saturday Series for 2019 continued with a trip to Autodromo Rossa Colline – Stan Smith’s great track in Newburg.

The “Red Hills Raceway” is a routed, 4-lane track with plenty of turns to keep drivers on their toes as well as a nice straight to let the dogs loose.  And let them loose we did!  Yet despite our wildest intentions the smooth flow of the layout made for fewer offs and everyone seemed to find the rhythm of the track in short order.

Running Slot.It C-Class Lancia’s, drivers pushed to get every ounce of speed they could squeeze out of the trigger.  After the first set of heats, Monte had a lead on the field with Tracy in second and Al close behind in third.  

Time for a little bench racing and some driver refueling courtesy of Stan’s great Chili.  We eventually resumed with the second set.

This time it was Tracy putting down the hot laps to take the win with Monte in second and Al just a tenth behind.  But would it be enough to overtake the Smooth one?

Close but no cigar!  When the final totals were announced, Monte had held onto first by less than half a lap over Tracy with Al claiming third.  Victoria took the win in D2.

A special thanks to Stan for hosting and keeping us well fed and entertained.  Next up, the February Race at Al’s track in Portland.  It’s sure to be a fun night, make your plans to join us.


NASTE 2019 IROC Series - Race 8


Welcome to July and a new track!  It’s Mitch and Chris’ Allenbrook Speedway located in Tigard featuring three lanes of routed fun and excitement.

Thirteen racers took to the track to give it a good running including a return by the Petrequin family.  It’s always good to see old friends - welcome back!  

Since it’s a new track there were a few growing pains but we pushed through with typical NASTE determination.  A few PC reboots and we were cooking.  Mitch set out two sets of cars and we gave them the running they deserved.  Hard and fast.  

Pushing hard in the first set, the mailman, Terry Abbott held a good lead over the field with Al Christensen and Monte Saager tied for second down two laps.

In the second set, out came the smoother running cars.  And with the change lap totals picked up and things got a lot closer.  Taking first in the second set was Dan Fritz with Monte in second and Al in third.

When the final tallies were done it was a three-way first place tie between Terry, Monte and Dan.  And, there were a number of ties.  Close racing once again.

Thanks to Mitch and Chris for hosting a fun night of racing.  Next up, a trip to Al’s track in Portland.  It’s sure to be an entertaining evening, we’ll hope to see you there.


NASTE 2019 IROC Series - Race 7


June brings our seasonal trip to Troutdale and Bob Nakamura’s large Scalextric Sport layout.  Featuring 4 lanes and enough length to stretch those leg, it’s always a good time at Bob’s.

Featuring two different sets of cars, drivers worked their best to get good times and, most importantly, stay on the track!  In the first set Bill Bostic led the way with a great run followed closely by Bob Nakamura with Zack Morgan in third.

In the second set drivers really had to work to get the best result as the cars were a little slower and more treacherous.  Pushing hard for the second set lead was Zack Morgan followed by Monte Saager in second about half a lap back and Bob Nakamura taking third just beating out Bill and Terry Abbott by mere tenths.

When the dust had cleared Zack Morgan claimed his first NASTE IROC win with more than half a lap in total over Bill Bostic in second with a third place tie between Bob Nakamura and Monte Saager.  How close was it?  The top 4 were all on the same lap.

Once again it was a great night of racing in Troutdale.  A sincere thanks to Bob for hosting.  Next up, a trip to Mitch’s new track in Tigard Allenbrook Speedway.  It’s sure to be an entertaining evening, we’ll hope to see you there.


NASTE 2019 IROC Series - Race 5


The NASTE Saturday IROC Series for 2019 continued with a trip to Portland for HO racing and our yearly visit to Dorothy and Terry’s Hammer Time Speedway.  This is the land of the HO T-Jets.  The smallest scale we run but also great fun.

A good field of 17 racers assembled to take on the ‘Hammer.  And up first, the treacherous, little, FIAT Abarths.  Tall and short, they resemble little boxes on wheels.  The skill here isn’t speed, it’s task management.  Like racing in a roller rink there’s always something to dodge.  Top dodger of the night was our host Terry Abbot with a one lap lead over Jeff Fields in second with Monte Saager in third.

While all this dodging was going on, our hostess Dorothy kept the table filled with a veritable selection of epicurean delights.  The yummy sounds nearly drowned out the racers.  Such are the hazards of NASTE racing.

Back on the track the Jalopy’s came out for the second set.  Faster, better handling.  More speed!  Or perhaps the appearance of more speed.  I choose to continue with task management, let the speed demons go.  Once again Terry took top spot, with Monte the task manager in second and Tracy Flood making a good run for third.

Final positions showed Terry in first, Monte in second and Jeff hanging tight to take third over a hard charging Tracy.

Come join us for our next race Saturday, May 18th in Hillsboro at Monte and Victoria’s Penguin Point.


NASTE 2019 IROC Series - Race 4


The NASTE Second Saturday Series for 2019 continued with a trip back to Hillsboro but this time it was analog racing on Monte and Victoria’s Penguin Point track.

This is another track that most of us are familiar with having been the site of the Sunday series for many years.  Less a track about speed, more about quick and handling.  And not just handling the penguins.

The cars of the evening were Slot.It Can Am cars – a pair of Alfa 33/3’s and a Chaparral 2E 

Striking out like a man protecting some large birds from a predator, Monte stormed to an early lead.  Jeff and Bill kept the heat on through the first set and after 9 minutes of racing action were tied for second.

During the cooking portion of the evening Monte was ably helped by Dorothy with pizza service as his regular helper was away.  A big thanks to Dorothy.  Everyone was to the better for it.

In the second set Bill put the finger to the trigger – among other things - to squeeze out a first place finish just three tenths of a ap ahead of Monte with Jeff holding third.

Next up, the April Race at Dorothy and Terry’s hammer Time Speedway in Portland.  It’s sure to be a fun night with the HO cars so make your plans to come join us.


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