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NASTE 2018 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 1 & 2

Sunday January 14, 2018

The NASTE IROC Drivers Championship for 2018 is underway!

The first event was held the second Saturday of December in Hillsboro at Monte and Victoria’s Penguin Point Raceway.  Competition was close through two exciting heats of racing action.  The opening set was Slot.It Group C cars with the second set being those treacherous Ninco Stratos!  And surprise, surprise, the winner was not the track owner but Terry Abbott who took both opening rounds to take the early points lead.

Next up was a trip to Al’s Rippin’ Ridin’ raceway in Portland.  As this is now the main stop on the NASTE Odd Thursday schedule racers are well acquainted with the track.  And they took to it with great delight.  In the opening round featuring once again, Slot.it Group C cars there was a first place tie as Jeff Fields and Monte Saager both totaled the same amount of laps.  For the second set Al brought out the womps.  Fast and furious, they also bring out the smiles.  We liken them to a horde of angry bees circling the track.  And that’s after the voltage is turned down!  And at the conclusion it was the Hillsboro Hot Shot in first followed closely by Terry. 

The next event is scheduled for the Digital track at Jacquelin Park in Hillsboro on February 10th.  Come join us.


Upcoming Events

  • Classic Sports Car Division 2
  • GT3 - Official NASTE Point Series Championship Race No.10
  • BRM Group C Class
  • Open
Doors open at 4:00pm. racing at 6:00pm.

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