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NASTE 2018 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 6 & 7

Wednesday June 13, 2018

The NASTE IROC Drivers Championship for 2018 continues on with rounds 6 and 7.

In early May we convened at Bob Nakamura’s Gorge Raceway in Troutdale to again do battle on his large 4-lane Scalextric layout.  And once loosed, the NASTE drivers provided a thrilling race in the first set with Terry Abbot taking first with Bob Nakamura second and Monte Saager third – all separated by only 1/10 of a lap!  In the second set Bob led the way with a one lap lead over Monte in second with Tracy flood just a couple of tenths back in third.

A short month later and it was racing at Howie’s Rapid Raceway in Portland.  Howie’s track is an old-style 4-lane wood track and we’ve always enjoyed racing there.  However, tonight would prove troublesome at best.  The track had been cleaned recently and the result was that even at 9.5 volts the tires were glazing over.  Perhaps it was the tire compounds, but quickly after starting the race a car would become undriveable, sliding side to side and in some cases impossible to get up an incline.  Racing for some and disaster for others.  It was decided to limit the second race to only three lanes.  Nevertheless, making the best of the night – taking first in the opener was Tracy Flood, followed by Terry Abbott in second with Dorothy Abbott in third.  In the second set the win went to Monte Saager followed by Al Christensen in second and Terry Abbott in third.  I think we learned that next time we should not only consider some test time but we should also set up some cars specifically for Howie’s track.

Next up – a July date at Autumn Hills in Milwaukie.


NASTE 2018 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 5

Saturday April 14, 2018

The NASTE IROC Drivers Championship for 2018 continues on with round 5.

It was another night of short track racing under the lights at HammerTime Speedway. 16 drivers did their best to negotiate the turns and the turn marshals thumbs. Of course, good food had to be handled, too.

The first heat featured "gasser" type cars in honor of the track owner's new toy in the driveway. Henry J race cars never saw many turns but these handled it just fine. At the end it was Tracy on top with Terry in second and a tie between Al and Dana for third.

The second heat brought out the modified track cars that are fun and fast, at least they seem fast for t-jets. The track owner showed everyone the fast way around the track to secure a victory. Dana took the second position and Tracy rounded out the podium.

It was a night of great laughs, great food and great friends. Russell Flood brought his new wife and her cousin and they both drove the cars very well for newbies.

There were a lot of requests for them so the next race here in September will see the Isetta racers get back on the track.

The next event is scheduled for the big 1:32 track at the Gorge Raceway in Troutdale on May 12th.  Come join us.


NASTE 2018 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 3 & 4

Wednesday April 04, 2018

The NASTE IROC Drivers Championship for 2018 continues on with rounds 3 and 4.

Round three was held on the second Saturday of February in Hillsboro at Monte and Victoria’s Jacquelin Park Speedway.  The ‘Jaq’ is a Carrera Digital track system that requires drivers to use improved techniques in driving since there will always be cars in your lane and the competition always gets, well, a little silly.  To make sure that drivers had to make pit stops part of their strategy, heats were set for 10 minutes.  Taking top honors was Terry Abbott, followed closely by Monte Saager with Dan Fritz taking third.

Round four returned us to Al’s Rippin’ Ridin’ raceway in Portland.  In the opening round featuring once again, Slot.it Group C cars Monte took the field to task followed by Terry with our host Al in third.  For the second set Al again brought out the womps.  Everyone enjoys the womps!  And at the conclusion it was the Hillsboro Hot Shot again followed closely by Terry with Tracy Flood taking third. 

The next event is scheduled for the HO track at HammerTime Speedway in Portland on April 14th.  Come join us.


NASTE 2018 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 1 & 2

Sunday January 14, 2018

The NASTE IROC Drivers Championship for 2018 is underway!

The first event was held the second Saturday of December in Hillsboro at Monte and Victoria’s Penguin Point Raceway.  Competition was close through two exciting heats of racing action.  The opening set was Slot.It Group C cars with the second set being those treacherous Ninco Stratos!  And surprise, surprise, the winner was not the track owner but Terry Abbott who took both opening rounds to take the early points lead.

Next up was a trip to Al’s Rippin’ Ridin’ raceway in Portland.  As this is now the main stop on the NASTE Odd Thursday schedule racers are well acquainted with the track.  And they took to it with great delight.  In the opening round featuring once again, Slot.it Group C cars there was a first place tie as Jeff Fields and Monte Saager both totaled the same amount of laps.  For the second set Al brought out the womps.  Fast and furious, they also bring out the smiles.  We liken them to a horde of angry bees circling the track.  And that’s after the voltage is turned down!  And at the conclusion it was the Hillsboro Hot Shot in first followed closely by Terry. 

The next event is scheduled for the Digital track at Jacquelin Park in Hillsboro on February 10th.  Come join us.


NASTE 2017 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 9

Saturday October 14, 2017

The NASTE Second Saturday Series for 2017 concluded with a great evening of entertainment at Al’s Rippin’ Ridin’ raceway in Portland.

Al’s track is one of the regular stops on the NASTE Thursday schedule, so racers were well acquainted with the circuit.  It’s a smooth, flowing track where good skills can get you a good result.
Eleven racers took to the start line for the nights first event featuring three of Al’s Sportsman cars.  These are very cool, old-school cars.  They can be a little tippy, sometimes a little short of brakes.  Rather fun and exciting.  Putting the foot to the floor it was Monte in first, with Terry in second just ahead of our host Al in third. 

The nights second race brought out the speed buggies – the VW Womps.  Fast and furious, they circle the track like a bunch of angry bees.  We like them a lot.  Liking them the most was Terry, taking first with more than a lap lead on Monte in second, with Al just squeezing ahead of Mitch for third. 

Of special note was the return of serviceman Russell Flood.  Now that he’s stationed in the Tacoma area perhaps we’ll get to see more of him.

A special thanks to the upstairs girls Donna and Chris who kept supplying us with a cascade of wonderful treats throughout the evening. 

And that concludes our 2017 Second Saturday Season.  Thanks to the track host and participants.  Next up, the Halloween Race at Howie’s Rapid Raceway and then it’s on to next season.  Make your plans to join us.


NASTE 2017 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 8

Saturday September 09, 2017

The NASTE Second Saturday Series returned to Portland on Saturday, September 9th at Hammer Time Speedway courtesy of Dorothy and Terry Abbott.

The ‘Speedway’ is a small, tight HO layout that though simple in design maintains a great amount of danger at most every turn.  A clean run is a matter of skill with a pant full of luck thrown in for good measure.

With a large field of sixteen racers in attendance the battle began with some of Terry’s dune buggies.  Looked more like we should be driving to the beach with a surfboard than racing.  But racing we were.  Amid the collisions that gives the track the look of a parking lot everyone wants to exit.  Taking the checkered flag amid the mayhem was our host, Terry, followed by Tracy Flood in second and Anthony Schoepflin in third.

For the second set Terry pulled out one of the crowd favorites, the dirt track racers.  Great little cars that really look the part.  They may be a little more predictable than the buggies but just as fun.  The action on the track resembled a Chrysler festival as we dodged and we darted trying to stay out of trouble.  And once again taking top honors was our host Terry, followed by Anthony in second with Monte Saager sneaking past Tracy into third.

At the table during, in between, and after we were treated to a fabulous spread of goodies courtesy of Dorothy.  From things I didn’t recognize to familiar favorites, it was all good.

Thanks Dorothy and Terry.

We’ll see you at Al’s for the final event of the season.


NASTE 2017 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 7

Saturday August 12, 2017

The NASTE Second Saturday Series invaded Hillsboro on Saturday, August 12th.

The Penguin Point track is a 50+ foot analog track.  With some tight turns the accent is more on handling than all-out speed.

For tonight’s battle Monte had set out a set of Ninco GT’s for the opening salvo.  With small numbers in attendance Kleo Kitty came looking for track time and almost got some.  Eyeing the table he leaped into the air landing square upon the racing surface like a fur-footed Godzilla.  As luck would have it no cars were eaten, clawed, or otherwise damaged in his dynamic and dastardly display of cat-fury.  This would be the most ferocious event of the day.  

For the second round, some of the highest priced cars to grace the NASTE stage were set out – NSR Porsche 997 GT’s.  As in the first set, drivers drove, marshals marshalled and finishers finished but at a little more rapid rate.  There were no further reported incidents of cat-mayhem.

At the conclusion results were announced and participants were sent off into the night packing pizzas.

Thanks to all for coming and a special thanks to Victoria for her dedication to food preparation.


NASTE 2017 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 2

Saturday June 10, 2017

After some delay the long awaited second race of the new NASTE Second Saturday Series finally arrived in Hillsboro on Saturday, June 10th.

The Jacquelin Park track is a 50+ foot Carrera Digital track.  Digital racing allows for multiple cars in the same lane.  It can become quite intense and sometimes quite silly.  Finding the balance is sometimes important but it’s not always easy.

For tonight’s slug fest Monte had set out a set of classic Porsches – a pair of 917K coupes and a pair of 917-10 open cars.  The coupes were fast and tricky, the open cars felt more stable but since it’s IROC you get to race them all in turn.  The racing would be the standard local Saturday night fare – qualifiers with mains.  Monte’s idea.  However, there would be no fuel – Victoria’s idea.

Each driver would drive each car in a series of 25 lap qualifying heats.  At the conclusion drivers would be ranked by lap total with the lower four drivers running a 35 lap B Main.  The winner would be bumped up into the A Main with the remaining three drivers.  In each Main, the higher ranked driver would get choice of cars.

In the Qualifiers Monte blitzed the field for a perfect 100 laps.  Tracy was just behind with 99 and Terry totaled 97.  In the B Main Al managed to sneak by Todd for the victory earning a spot in the final.  In the A Main it was a tight battle with Monte out front for much of the early going only to be passed by Tracy during an off-track excursion.  A few laps later Tracy found the offs handing the lead back while Terry slipped into second.  And with time running out that’s how it would finish.


NASTE 2017 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 6

Saturday May 13, 2017

Another scheduled date, another actual race!

On Saturday, May 13th 10 hearty racers were treated to food, fun and frolic.  As for the hearty part – torrential rains made the trip to the start quite interesting with lakes appearing in the middle of intersections.  We forded a few on route.  Once there food caught your eye on the way to the track.  It was excellent as always.  Kelly never fails to disappoint.  Some very tasty pizza gave way to a selection of great cookies.  I felt guilty taking the last of the chocolate chips but when I returned later, more had magically appeared!  I did the only thing I could and had another one.

On the track, more magic.

For starters Autumn Hills is a beautifully detailed but somewhat tight circuit that will keep you on your toes.  Keep the car moving at speed and you’ll do well, scrub a little off on the bridges here and there, not so much.  But to be sure there’s no time to rest.

Up first, Rico “prepared” a pair of Fly Porsches.  They were fun.  I really enjoyed them.  Felt like I was going fast.  But it was an early heat and soon I could see that I was not going to be on the fast end.  In a stunning result Tracy Flood claimed his first NASTE victory scorching the Hills for a 46.1 lap total – two tenths of a lap ahead of Rico, with Mitch Brooks in third a full lap and a half off the pace.  The rest of us, not so much in fact my magical disappearing act resulted in a nice 6th place finish.

For the second set out came an old crowd favorite – the Ninco Flying Fickle FIATs of Fate!

Now are they slow or just misguided?  Perhaps a little of both.  I was running late in the field this time and maybe it was Dorothy’s chocolate but suddenly the magic worked.  The little fickle fiends were responding like lightning bolts.  Ok, maybe more like 30 watt bulbs but by the time the race had been run I stood in first scoring 46.7 laps with Terry almost a lap behind in second.  Rico claimed third place.  For me, finally, it only took that one magic moment.

And that’s our story from another great night of NASTE racing.  A big thanks to Rico and Kelly for providing an entertaining evening.


NASTE 2017 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 5

Saturday April 08, 2017

The fifth race of the new NASTE Second Saturday Series arrived as scheduled!  A stark reminder that both sickness and foul weather can play havoc with the schedule as both the second and third race had to be postponed for later in the season.  Never the less, on Saturday, April 8th we arrived at the home of Bob and Terry Nakamura for another evening of exciting racing on the big track.  Bob’s 4 lane Scalextric Sport track is the longest track we race on for 1:32 scale cars.  Gives them a little chance to stretch out.  Or not…

For the evening the surface seemed more like an ice rink or a backyard slip n’ slide as cars slipped, slid and careened all over the place.  It looked more like Saturday night at the Derby!

First up for the evening were a blend of GT cars provided by Mitch Brooks.  We drove them as fast as possible which means we did our best to manage their progress around the track.  Managing the slippery cars the best was Terry Abbott followed closely by Jeff Fields with Monte Saager taking third.

And now that the track had been cleaned by the first set of cars it was time to pull out the real weapons of the night – Ninco rally cars Monte brought courtesy of Tacoma Tony.  Surely these would leave a smile on the competitors’ face?  And they did.  Every time they didn’t have to drive.  Having raced them a few days prior at First Sunday they were hoppy little demons.  But without traction they were just little demons.  Lap totals plummeted.  They were a disappointment to say the least.  It became an evening of sheer mediocrity…

Nevertheless, undaunted Jeff Fields stormed to his first NASTE victory followed closely by Terry Abbot with Tracy Flood taking third.

And there you have it, another night of great racing.  A big thanks to Bob and Terry for inviting us over to play.  Next year – more magnets!


NASTE 2017 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 4

Saturday March 11, 2017

Sickness and foul weather played havoc with the schedule as both the second and third race had to be postponed for later in the season.  Never the less, on Saturday, March 11 we found ourselves at Dorothy and Terry Abbott’s HammerTime Raceway in Portland for Round 4.  And what a round it was!

A grid of 16 racers from experienced to beginner came out to give the HO cars a try.  Including two racers – Monte and Anthony – just back from three days of HO racing at the Ferndale Fray in California.  Would they be able to put that experience to good use?

For the first set, the cars chosen were a recent favorite – the Isettas.  They’re not only slow but a little on the tippy side too.  Makes for a challenging drive.  Keeps the marshals busy too.  And taking us all to task was Track Master Terry.  His 73.7 lap total was a lap and a half ahead of, dare we say it, Monte and Anthony – the Fray boys – tied for second at 72.7 laps.  Experience pays off!  Back another lap in third was Tracy.

Next up – the dirt track racers.  These are a bit faster and much more forgiving.  Times went down and totals went up noticeably.

Squeezing past the field in a dramatic victory was Tracy with 90 laps even.  Tied for second just two tenths of a lap behind were Terry and Fray-boy Monte with Fray-boy Anthony in third.

It was another night of great racing and thanks to Dorothy for a table of delights.  And thanks to Terry for giving us a place to play.


NASTE 2017 Second Saturday Series - Race No. 1

Saturday November 12, 2016


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