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NASTE Race #2 - Attack of the Magnet Men!
Wednesday October 15, 2014

Monte & Victoria's Penguin Point hosted the second round of the NASTE 2015 racing season. We had a very good turnout with 17 racers showing up to compete on the very tight and technically challenging course.  Penguin Point is one of the toughest tracks on the NASTE circuit.  This track rewards smooth and consistent driving. And if the first two races of the NASTE 2015 season are any indication it is going to be a tightly contested championship!

The second race this season at Penguin Point was as close as it gets. Thomas Flood is starting off his season in the NASTE Challenge with a win at Penguin Point putting him neck and neck with the winner of the last Challenge race Mitch Brooks. In the expert division there have been two different racers posting wins, both winning by the narrowest of margins. It is clear just from the first two races that all of the NASTE racers have improved their skills over last year.

For the first race Monte set out the Cartrix Grand Prix Legends cars.  Beautiful cars, simple in execution.  Leading the field in the NASTE Challenge group was Thomas Flood with a half-lap lead over Mitch Brooks, with John Fisher almost another lap back.  While in thee Experts division Monte Saager just slipped past Bill Bostic to hold a one-tenth lap lead with Terry Abbott another two-tenths back.  In fact four racers were on the same lap only six-tenths apart.

For the second set, it was Carrera Can-Am cars brand new, out of the box, with minor tire sanding and not one but two traction magnets!  Oh lordy…


NASTE Season Opener - Race #1
Tuesday October 07, 2014

The season opener for the NASTE 2015 Point Series Championship was held at TooBad Motorplex in Fairview. The doors opened early, right after a breakfast get together at the local saloon, for a full day off racing. The day started with a vintage F1 race, followed by a classic sports car race. Both races consisted of cars configured and set up for the NASTE Odd Thursday Night races. There was lots of time for practice and just playing around with whatever racers brought out. Somewhere around lunch time a few of us went up the street to a local diner for some lunch.

The NASTE point series racing started around the usual NASTE time. This year we are racing and scoring the NASTE Challenge and expert races separately. First on the track was the first round of Challenge racers. For the first round of racing the racers found themselves in control of 1/32 Revell Monogram Grand Sport Corvettes. The Monogram Grand Sports were in stock configuration with only some rear tire sanding to prepare them for competition. The racing was very close for the Challenge racers as well as the experts. After the first round Mitch Brooks had the lead in the Challenge division and Bill Bostic and Bryan Trachsel were tied for the lead in the expert division.


Friday September 26, 2014

It's time for NASTE to update their logo. We have had the same logo for a number of years, and although I feel it is a terrific logo sometimes a change is refreshing. So, we are holding a contest, open to all who wish to submit an entry for a new logo. Logos must include the script NASTE as well as what it stands for, Northwest Association of Slot Track Enthusiasts. If your logo is selected as the official NASTE logo you will receive a $35 Fantasy World Hobbies gift certificate. The gift certificate will be purchased by NASTE, and you will receive the gift certificate in email form from Fantasy World Hobbies. So draw something up and send it to us! You can send it to us in email form at, or you can post it in the forum here: We're looking forward to seeing some great new logos!

Entry deadline has been set for October 25th, 2014.


NASTE - the Coming Season
Friday September 26, 2014

We are close to the kick-off of the 2015 NASTE Racing Season!

There will be some exciting improvements for this season!

After some discussion at the Racin' & Ribs BBQ, race, and meeting it was decided the NASTE Point Series Championship (expert division), and the NASTE Challenge (amateur division) would be scored separately. The two divisions will also be divided and race independently at each NASTE race whenever possible (this will depend on attendance and the number of entries at each race).

It was also decided we would go back to the practice of allowing racers to throw out races. Meaning, only a portion of the 15 scheduled races will be scored for each racer. For the Point Series Championship or expert division racers, 10 of the 15 races will count for their point total. For an expert division racer that attends all 15 races, their 10 best finishes will count for their total points. The racer would be able to throw out 5 of his lowest scoring races

The same goes for the NASTE Challenge amateur division, with the exception of only 8 races counting for their overall score. With this format in place the expert division racers need to attend the majority of the races, but not all

The amateur racers will need to attend just over half of the races. This takes much of the pressure off trying to make all the races. It will also make for a very close points race in both divisions! I fully expect some point ties at the end of the season, so here is the last change for this year: the last race of the season will be the Shoot Out.

The Shoot Out race will be held to break all ties in the point standings. This race will not be scored for series point totals, it will only decide winners of the ties. In addition there will be a Shoot Out trophy for the overall winner!

So there you have it. It should be an exciting season full of fun and close competition!


NASTEburgring 2014
Tuesday June 24, 2014

This past Saturday the NASTEburgring was held with thirteen racers in attendance to do battle on two different tracks in one day while competing in one of three different Formula One classes.

Racing three different classes at the same time can always be interesting especially when the cars are potentially quite different. However, by the end of the day I think the result was quite satisfactory.

To start the day a number of us met the Washington contingent of "the Professor" John, Victor and Fantasy World Tony at the Stagecoach Saloon for their world famous $4 breakfast.  And a great breakfast it was. Afterward we traveled the two miles to our first venue - Bill Bostic's Too Bad Motorplex in Fairview.

Once everyone got their cars set and a little practice we assembled the field of thirteen racers and dropped the flag. The format would be two sets of three minute heats with class cars mixed in random order. A heat could have three cars from the same class or one from each or any mix in between.

The Professor took the early lead after the first set with Bill and Gary "Goose" Gossett close behind. In the second set though, mista Bostic took over claiming the class and overall victory for round one.

Monte "the Big Smooth" Saager managed 6th overall with a Cartrix Ferrai and Tracy Flood took 7th with his Scaley Masserati for class victories.

At this point drivers headed off to Hillsboro for round two at the Penguin Point track. And lunch.

Victoria and Monte had raced ahead and prepared a lunch of pizza and chicken wings so a combination of food and practice ensued until the racers were ready to race.

And at the drop of the flag it was Bill hard charging to a first set lead with Victor in second and the Professor nipping at his heels in third. In the second set Bill and John raced to a draw while Victor fell to third in class. Showing home track skills the Big Smooth pushed his Cartrix to third just ahead of Victor.

Final results from Penguin Point show Bill once again maintaining his dominance with first in class and first overall. The Professor took second with Victor in third. And the surprise fourth overall was the Cartrix which outran three Eagles and a Lotus. Rico Locati piloted his Ferrari 156 to a class victory and 7th overall.

Points were awarded per event based on one point for entering, one point for each car in class you finished ahead of.

Complete results and points standings can be viewed here

The second round in the series will be held in Tacoma with a tentative date of Sunday, August 17.  Let's go get 'em!


NASTE Race Night 18 - The Grand Finale
Sunday June 15, 2014

Autumn Hills hosted the final race of the 2014 NASTE Point Series Championship. Thirteen racers showed up to make their final run at the championship.

Autumn Hills has always been well known for its famous dinners, and Kelly Locati laid out another fantastic meal for us.  Thank you so much Kelly!

Rico Locati's expertise is car set up and preparation. Rico did not disappoint us either with Scalextric cars that had been tuned and prepped for the IROC format. The cars performed well and provided some very close racing.

Rico Locati took the race win, but Terry Abbott was the star of the night. Terry drove an excellent race finishing 4th and securing his title of 2014 NASTE Point Series Champion.

In the NASTE Challenge Division Thomas Flood was first at Autumn Hills. Like her hubby, Dorothy Abbott was not to be denied her championship status. Dorothy was a contender at every race this season, and not just in the Challenge series. Dorothy is the first NASTE Challenge Champion, a title well earned!

click here for results


The NASTEburgring - New Series Scheduled
Friday June 06, 2014

Who says it's going to be a dull summer?

 A new series has been scheduled between NASTE and PSSRA of Tacoma. 

The first event is scheduled for June 21 here in Portland while the second will be scheduled by the Tacoma group.

Fun and excitement await.  Check out the rules and get ready to go racing with some old-school formula one cars.


NASTE Race Night 17 - Who Needs Practice?
Thursday May 29, 2014

On May 17th 2014 NASTE racers had the opportunity to race at a commercial slot car raceway in Salem Oregon.  Commercial raceways are not locally available. There have been very few that have been opened around here in the last 30 years.  For many of the NASTE racers this was a chance to experience what they had missed in slot car racing?s prime.  For others of us it was a flashback filled with great memories.

Edgewater Raceway in Salem Oregon sits on a historic street in an older part of town. There are large windows in the front of the building, giving a passerby on the sidewalk an excellent view of the tracks inside. On this race day, on numerous occasions throughout the race, spectators would gather at the windows and watch. On one occasion two young boys ventured inside the building and took up positions trackside to get a better look. As I watched the boys and listened to their comments I remembered myself, or more accurately a much younger me, watching the first commercial slot car race I had ever seen.  The first race I ever saw was at a slot car raceway in Parkrose Oregon. It was a large shop with multiple eight lane tracks. I remember there were as many or more spectators than there were racers. The building was packed and filled with excitement!

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Upcoming Events

Racing starts at 6:00pm.

There is a proxy race in town, so at this Odd Thursday Race we will be racing the proxy entries. 

There are two classes, front motor with 4 entries, and rear motor with 20 entries. There are only two cars entered from the U.S., and none are from local racers. With 24 cars, we will have three sets of drivers and have each drive 8 cars. That is a total of 9 drivers. This is a great opportunity to try out different cars with different set ups and see how well they work. Racers will use their own controllers.

There will also be a concourse vote.  We will need someone to take charge of that. Monte will be making a video of the race. I will not be driving as I will operating the race computer and turn marshalling.

There will be snacks on hand.


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