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NASTE Race #5 - More Fickle FIAT's of Fate!
Tuesday December 09, 2014

Sunday December 7th was the day for racing in the hills. Rico and Kelly Locati hosted the fifth race in the NASTE 2015 Point Series Championship. Racing at the Hills is a special treat as Kelly lays out a food spread equivalent to anything you might see at a Greek wedding! After we had all filled our stomachs we got serious about racing. Ok, maybe semi-serious.

Rico had brought out some old favorites for us to maneuver around the tight and twisty Autumn Hills course. For the first round of two minute heats we raced Nino Mercedes. The Mercedes were somewhat loose in the traction department, so fast laps required a fair amount of judicious applied throttle!  Even at that the racing was extremely close, with Rico taking the overall lead after the first round.


BRM Group C Race at Rapid Raceway
Monday December 01, 2014

At approximately 1:30 PST yesterday the flag dropped on the opening heat. Sixteen racers were in attendance to fling BRM Porsche's around Rapid Raceway in Portland, Oregon. And did they ever.

We had expected some of the Washington area racers but with early morning pictures from up north showing snow on the ground I guess they decided it was better to stay home than come take their beating. Heck, we were looking forward to a little payback from the Tacoma 24 Hour Enduro. We'll just have to wait until next time.

Howie had the shop warmed up for us and the cars seemed well matched to the surface and temperature. With the exception of a lead wire parting company from a guide and a Parma gear loosening on the axle, all ran perfectly well- or at least well enough. The important thing though was for smiles all around and a good time for all.

Heats were 5 minutes with two times through the rotation for 40 minutes of track time for each racer.

Lots of racing and some good battles on the track- 3rd and 4th just 2 laps apart, just 3 laps between 5th thru 7th, and one lap between 12th and 13th!

Here now the results:

1. Howie Howard - 352 laps
2. Bill Bostic - 349
3. Monte Saager - 342
4. Rico Locati - 340
5. Tracy Flood - 327
6. John Fisher - 326
7. Chris Kouba - 324
8. Thomas Flood - 304
9. Mitch Brooks - 295
10. Todd Flood - 270
11. Victoria Saager - 265
12. Michael - 235
13. Jimmy Jones - 234
14. Aidan - 223
15. Lisa - 214
16. John Bostic - 182

Fast lap of the day was set by Howie with a 6.19. Chris was just behind that at 6.20.

Big thanks to Howie for opening his track to us and to Chris Kouba for heading up the event. Thanks to both Chris and Bill Bostic for supplying many of us with rides for the day.  We'll hope to see more events like this in Portland in the future.


NASTE Race #4 - The Off Road Space Fray
Tuesday November 25, 2014

The fourth race in the NASTE 2015 point series was held at Dorothy and Terry’s HammerTime Speedway. And for this night we had not only two sets of Terry’s HO demons but an additional set of cars from Richard Phillis, better known as the master of the Ferndale Fray.

The first set featured the cars from Richard which proved quick and smooth.  For the NASTE Challenge Thomas Flood charged out to an early lead and took first followed by hometown heroes Amanda Abbott and Nick Snowhill.  For the experts it was Flyin’ Bryan Trachsel taking the win followed closely by Richard “hey, those are my cars!” Phillis and Terry Abbott.


NASTE Race #3 - The HO Masters
Monday November 17, 2014

The third race in the NASTE 2015 point series was held at Bryan & Sherry Trachsel’s  WFO Speedway. WFO is a very challenging but fast HO track. Bryan had prepared two sets of cars for the IROC style race, and the NASTE Full Monte race format was used for this race.

The NASTE Challenge racers were the first to hit the track. The racing was fast and close. Russell Flood drove consistently making very few mistakes, which resulted in wins for both NASTE Challenge rounds.  Mitch Brooks and Victoria Saager posted second place finishes.


NASTE Halloween Race 2014
Monday October 27, 2014

20 NASTE racers made their way through the horrific storm to Rapid Raceway for yet another Halloween race. Pre-race activities included an electrical power outage, followed by the deployment of an emergency generator for backup, a fantastic pot luck meal, with everything from white chocolate covered grape eyeballs, to hot and spicy BBQ bat wings. Not to mention plenty of chocolate rum balls! 

After we were all full it was time for the NASTE logo contest judging. It was decided the judging would be by popular vote of all the racers in attendance. We had eight excellent entries, and after the vote we had it narrowed down to a tie between two of them. So it was decided we would vote again on just the two entries that had tied. Guess what? Yup, a tie again! That’s where we left it….for now.

On to the racing. We had some totally outrageous entries this year! We had Carl’s Cat In The Hat entry, which may have set a record for the longest Halloween car ever!  There was John’s coffin complete with a Barbie skeleton, and Barbie’s head rotated 360 degrees while the car was in motion! Flyin’ Bryan had a new go-cart driven by a skeleton. Dorothy was out in full battle gear with the brand new Hammer II……well……..hammer!  Rico showed up with a full race wiener mobile, OSCAR Meyer sponsored of course! We raced one round of two minute heats in the light, and another round in the dark. All I can say is it was a wild race, as the NASTE Halloween races usually are! Look for photos of the entries in the forum section.

Here's how they finished:

1st Bryan 139 laps

2nd Monte 123

3rd - tie Rico 111

3rd - tie Howie 111

5th Bill 110

6th - tie John F. 109

6th - tie Tyler 109

8th Sherry 105

9th June 100

10th Mitch 99

11th Dorothy 98

12th Tracy 90

13th Carl 86

14th Todd 78

15th John 72

16th Perry 72

17th Terry 69

18th Nathan 63

19th Victoria 61

20th Lois 32 DNF


NASTE Race #2 - Attack of the Magnet Men!
Wednesday October 15, 2014

Monte & Victoria's Penguin Point hosted the second round of the NASTE 2015 racing season. We had a very good turnout with 17 racers showing up to compete on the very tight and technically challenging course.  Penguin Point is one of the toughest tracks on the NASTE circuit.  This track rewards smooth and consistent driving. And if the first two races of the NASTE 2015 season are any indication it is going to be a tightly contested championship!

The second race this season at Penguin Point was as close as it gets. Thomas Flood is starting off his season in the NASTE Challenge with a win at Penguin Point putting him neck and neck with the winner of the last Challenge race Mitch Brooks. In the expert division there have been two different racers posting wins, both winning by the narrowest of margins. It is clear just from the first two races that all of the NASTE racers have improved their skills over last year.

For the first race Monte set out the Cartrix Grand Prix Legends cars.  Beautiful cars, simple in execution.  Leading the field in the NASTE Challenge group was Thomas Flood with a half-lap lead over Mitch Brooks, with John Fisher almost another lap back.  While in thee Experts division Monte Saager just slipped past Bill Bostic to hold a one-tenth lap lead with Terry Abbott another two-tenths back.  In fact four racers were on the same lap only six-tenths apart.

For the second set, it was Carrera Can-Am cars brand new, out of the box, with minor tire sanding and not one but two traction magnets!  Oh lordy…


NASTE Season Opener - Race #1
Tuesday October 07, 2014

The season opener for the NASTE 2015 Point Series Championship was held at TooBad Motorplex in Fairview. The doors opened early, right after a breakfast get together at the local saloon, for a full day off racing. The day started with a vintage F1 race, followed by a classic sports car race. Both races consisted of cars configured and set up for the NASTE Odd Thursday Night races. There was lots of time for practice and just playing around with whatever racers brought out. Somewhere around lunch time a few of us went up the street to a local diner for some lunch.

The NASTE point series racing started around the usual NASTE time. This year we are racing and scoring the NASTE Challenge and expert races separately. First on the track was the first round of Challenge racers. For the first round of racing the racers found themselves in control of 1/32 Revell Monogram Grand Sport Corvettes. The Monogram Grand Sports were in stock configuration with only some rear tire sanding to prepare them for competition. The racing was very close for the Challenge racers as well as the experts. After the first round Mitch Brooks had the lead in the Challenge division and Bill Bostic and Bryan Trachsel were tied for the lead in the expert division.


Friday September 26, 2014

It's time for NASTE to update their logo. We have had the same logo for a number of years, and although I feel it is a terrific logo sometimes a change is refreshing. So, we are holding a contest, open to all who wish to submit an entry for a new logo. Logos must include the script NASTE as well as what it stands for, Northwest Association of Slot Track Enthusiasts. If your logo is selected as the official NASTE logo you will receive a $35 Fantasy World Hobbies gift certificate. The gift certificate will be purchased by NASTE, and you will receive the gift certificate in email form from Fantasy World Hobbies. So draw something up and send it to us! You can send it to us in email form at, or you can post it in the forum here: We're looking forward to seeing some great new logos!

Entry deadline has been set for October 25th, 2014.


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