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2016 NASTE Season Opener
Wednesday September 30, 2015

On Sunday September 20th, the NASTE racers converged on Bryan and Sherry Trachsel’s WFO Speedway to do battle in the first round of the NASTE 2016 racing season. In this the 20th consecutive year of the NASTE Point Series Championship, only those racers that choose to be included in the points chase will race for the opportunity to have their name added to the coveted NASTE Point Series trophy.

It seems fitting that we start out the season with the smallest cars we race, and work our way up from there. The HO cars at WFO Speedway are always challenging and provide for some very close racing. This first race did not disappointment as Bryan had prepared eight T-Jet style cars to compete with in an IROC style format.  Four Model Motoring ’55 Chevys and four Johnny Lightning style AC Cobras made up the field.

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We're back!
Monday September 28, 2015

Yes, down but not out. Give us a few days to get the tables rebuilt and we'll be back to near normal. To quote Monte: "It's not my fault!"

More on this and other slot stories soon...

As for our previous hosting group, just let me sincerely say I hope the Dingo eats your babies.

More status:

  • Forum restored and running
  • Results restored
  • Calendar restored
  • News restored
  • About restored
  • Links restored
Still to be completed:
  • Tracks


Hot Racing at the Cool Gorge Raceway
Friday July 17, 2015

Yes it’s been pretty hot in Oregon lately but on Saturday June 27th racers were cooled off in Bob Nakamura’s basement in Troutdale, home of The Gorge Raceway. 

This was Bob’s first Vintage Trans Am race for out of the box stock Scalextric cars. The day started off with a practice session that provided everyone with plenty of time to get familiar with the track. After practice we moved right into the start of the race which consisted of four rounds of four minute heats. 

Throughout the day the racing was extremely close - and fast. During the first round my Scalextric ’70 Camaro exhibited some evil handling characteristics – basically no traction. She flopped like a fish on a line. Bob graciously lent me his Scalextric Challenger to compete with. The Challenger turned out to be an excellent choice for The Gorge Raceway.

After the first two rounds of racing it was time for the lunch break. Bob had a delicious spread of food which included Subway sandwiches and side dishes for all. During the lunch break Rico Locati and John Gill performed motor swaps as they both had motors expire during the first two rounds. When the race restarted both Rico and John were back in the hunt.

Soon after Rico had a second motor start to go south.  I volunteered to let Rico swap the motor out of my ill handling Camaro with his sickly power plant. Rico instead took the Camaro, rubbed some of his magic on it, and proceeded to whoop me with my own car. I don’t know what exactly he did to it other than a tire swap, but he impressed me with his tuning abilities!

In the end though Bob gave us all a good thrashing we all had a great time! The racing was really close all the way through, and no single type of car showed any clear advantage. 

A big thanks to Bob and Robin for inviting us into their home, feeding us and even sending some of us home with nice trophies for our struggle.

Personally, I’m ready for Bob’s next Vintage Trans Am race! Well almost ready. I have a new Scalextric Trans Am ’69 Camaro coming via the U.S. Postal Service as I write this!
The Final Results:

Position Driver Lap Total
1 Bob Nakamura 435.1
2 Monte Saager 422.2
3 John Gill 420.0
4 Jeff Fields 415.1
5 Rico Locati 415.0
6 Al Christensen 409.2
7 Bill Bostic 407.7
8 Mitch Brooks 405.2
9 Beau Frasier 383.8
10 Victoria Saager 349.2


Summer Slot Car Racing is Alive and Well
Sunday July 05, 2015

Odd Thursday Night Races keep the racing alive during the summer at TooBad Motorplex.  Pictured are the entrants from the 50 and over race featuring slot cars from the early to mid-60's.  It's great vintage fun so dust off those ancient war horses and come join us.  With four classes per race night you'll find something for everyone.


NASTE Race 14 - Autumn Hills Final
Tuesday May 19, 2015

The final point race of the 2015 NASTE season was an interesting event.  Twelve racers showed up, some of them came to race.  Rico prepared Scalextric Ferrari’s for the first round that were fast and fun.  Lighted even. 

Surprising the field was “the yute” Dominic Locati who sat among those tied for third.  However, there would be a second round…

And for that second round Rico pulled out our favorite Ninco wonders – the Fickle FIATS of Fate.  Thanks to Perry they will now be known as the Flying Fickle FIATS of Fate.  Can you say “lift-off”?  Not to be outdone, June performed a perfect horizontal 360.  That she failed to also “stick it” was deemed irrelevant.


NASTE Race 13 - Digital Brackets
Monday May 04, 2015

Hosting an IROC style race on a digital track would be a daunting task, even for a veteran slot car track enthusiast. Especially on the lucky 13th event of the season! But Monte "The Big Smooth" pulled it off in typical Big Smooth style.

This was by far the best digital race I have attended. Monte has his new Jacquelin Park Speedway dialed in. Monte has not only reconfigured the track, but has switched from an SCX system to Carrera. The last race on this new track showed improvements over the old SCX track, but now with the addition of the RamJet controllers he has an excellent race venue. The improvement over the Carrera controllers with the RamJet controllers is significant to say the least! Another significant improvement was the way the refueling was accomplished.

The racers of the evening were Can Am cars – a Porsche 917/30, a McLaren M20 and two Lola T222’s.  Race preparation consisted of removing the traction magnets and replacing the stock rear tires with Paul Gage Urethanes.


NASTE Race 12 - Womps!
Tuesday April 14, 2015

A great group of twenty-seven racers attended the 12th NASTE race of the season at Bill Bostic’s Too Bad Motorplex in Fairview this past Sunday.  The car of the afternoon – Parma Womps – 1:24 scale.  VW Bugs to be specific.  Harkening all the way back to the early days of NASTE – a Dave Smith design.

Now you’d think with all those bugs loose that someone was going to get slugged but the only violence in attendance was occurring on the track.  The little slug-a-bugs buzzed around the circuit like a hoard of angry bees with each driver pushing to the limit.  

Occasionally one of the bees would get sent off with a little slap.  That only seemed to make them angrier.  

Despite such raucous behavior no bees were damaged - and no drivers were slugged.


NASTE Race 11 - Thunderjets to the Max
Saturday April 04, 2015

We had big fun with the little cars at Hammer Time Speedway. As usual Terry Abbott prepared some exciting Aurora Thunderjet cars for us to race. However this time he went over-the-top! Yes, something even more outrageous than the Space-Jets, or even the Monster-Jets! But we'll get to that in a minute.

For the first round of racing Terry had four equally prepared muscle cars on the start line. Two Camaros and two Dodge Challengers. Bodies were of the Johnny Lightning variety. This first set of cars were fast and handled very well. 

After racing a full set of three minute heats everyone was settling into the T-Jet pace. Then he sprung it on us! What the hell are those was the cry from the crowd? All I can say is; have you ever seen HO scale Isettas? 

Yes, BMW Isettas were the cars of choice for the second round. Now these things may look like they might handle bad. Well I can tell you from experience, they do! But, what they lacked in handling they more than made up for in the fun department! We raced these little Isettas for one minute heats. I think that's all Terry thought we could stand. 


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