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2016 NASTE Season - Race No. 6 - The Enduro
Tuesday January 19, 2016

This past Sunday another legendary demolition derby thinly disguised as a three hour Enduro made it's impact felt at the Jacquelin Park house of pain.  It was wild.  It was crazy in a hurry.  It got downright confusing.  It got so crazy to the point a normally passive racer or some renown was induced to final heat Cobra hunting - though after a few laps he remembered who's cars they were and the onslaught softened.

After many offs, collisions and shredded tires no results were able to be understood and all left if not happy, at least somewhat content.

To paraphrase Rasheed Wallace "All teams played hard".


It's Christmas
Friday December 25, 2015


2016 NASTE Season - Race No. 5
Monday December 21, 2015

Friends, food, fun, and a little racing! Well OK, maybe more than a little racing. With 22 racers in attendance there was quite a bit of racing! Novice, Intermediate, and Expert racers put more than 2 hours of run time on the V Womp and Porsche 962 IROC cars. Both classes of cars handled the pressure well, with only two minor malfunctions with the cars. Hundreds of laps were put on each set of cars, and for the V Womps, well this was their third go around. The V Womps have now survived three IROC NASTE races without any major problems. 

For this race we again divided the starting grids by driver skill, as they chose which division they wished to race in, starting again with the Novice Division. The Novice races were exciting. The youngest racer Dominic Locati, showed he could run upfront with the best! Todd Flood was very fast and ran up front all night! After both rounds of racing Dorothy Abbott finished in first place, followed by Todd Flood in second and Victoria Saager in third place.

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Ferndale Fray
Sunday December 20, 2015

We had the pleasure of having Rick Phillis join us to participate in our NASTE IROC Race on December 19th. Rick is the promoter and host of the Fray in Ferndale.

If you are an HO racer and have not heard of the Fray in Ferndale you really must check it out! This once a year event is the largest gathering of HO racers in the nation.

The racing takes place on multiple routed type tracks with individual as well as team results. It is truly a spectacular thing to be a part of, and if you every get the chance to attend you should definitely do so!


2016 NASTE Season - Race No. 4
Wednesday November 18, 2015

Race number four of the 2016 NASTE Season was held at TooBad Motorplex in Fairview. We had eighteen racers in attendance, pretty equally divided between Novice, Amateur, and Expert Divisions.  The race format for this race mirrored the previous races this season, with the novice, amateur, and expert racers placed on starting grids together. Two rounds of racing, each with three minute heats were completed for each division of racers, with the novice racers starting first, followed by the amateurs, and then the experts. This seems to provide for some very close racing, and little if any negative feedback. 

For each division's first round of racing the VWomps returned to TooBad Motorplex. The cars were unchanged from last years’ event, and like last year the cars performed well. That's not to say they weren't a handful, but everyone seemed to manage. And the cars all survived another year's racing! Each division's second round saw the Monogram Grand Sport Corvettes on the starting grid. Sighs of anxiety were heard throughout the crowd. But hey, something was different from last year's race. The Vette's were fitted with urethane tires that had been trued. Holly slippery snot Batman! Someone had done some tuning on the crappy Vettes of last year! Of course that's not to say they were now excellent cars, but hey, they were somewhat better than last year.


NASTE Halloween Race 20th Anniversary
Wednesday November 04, 2015

Friday October 30th, 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of the NASTE Halloween races. The race was held at Rapid Raceway, a large 1/24 scale four lane track that allows for plenty of creativity when it comes to Halloween car design. And as usual, there was plenty of creativity used in the design of this year's cars!

How do I accurately describe the NASTE Halloween Race? It's a big party, part parade, part slot car cruise, part car show, part demolition derby, and oh yeah, there is some racing! The Halloween race has turned into one of the biggest events NASTE holds during the racing season. This event receives the most attendance and car building participation of any single event! And this year was no different!

Twenty-one racers raced while some fought just to keep their entries moving! Perry Petroquin showed he was the ultimate builder for this event by completing five cars for his family to race. We had car themes from skulls to M&M bugs, to Minions to Willard The Rat. To start the action Dominic Locati threw a rear wheel and tire at the drop of the green flag in the first heat. After a quick pit stop by his mechanic he was back in the race and continued on. The first round of racing is held in daylight conditions. During the first round racers were feeling out their cars while trying to accumulate laps. Typical for NASTE Halloween races, some were just trying to get around the track!

The second round of racing takes place in the dark. As you can image some kind of illumination is a must in the preparation of a NASTE Halloween car! The lighting of the entries is just as creative as their overall construction. A NASTE Halloween heat is very colorful during the night round! Awards were given out at the end of the race, one for the "Ghoulest Car" which was awarded to Cailin Dunbar for her Minion Racer, and a "Rest In Pieces" award that was won by Dominic Locati for the misfortune he suffered on track. Not only did Dominic throw the rear wheel off his skull car, he also demolished his spur gear, while still making it to the finish.  It was clear Bryan Trachsel was once again the King of the Halloween Race, but by only 2 laps this year. Mitch Brooks assembled an awesome '53 Chevy hearse that gave Bryan a good run for his money! You better watch out next year Bryan! Be afraid, very, very, afraid!

You can check out photos from the race in the Forum, and you can see additional photos in the Gallery.


2016 NASTE Season - Race No. 2
Tuesday October 20, 2015

The second race of the NASTE 2016 season was held at Monte & Victoria's Penguin Point in Hillsboro. Monte had prepared two classes of cars for us to race in the usual NASTE IROC format, some very quick and twitchy Revell sports cars, and a set of three fast Can Am style cars. 

In the new NASTE racing format the Novices were first on the track. The sports cars proved to be quite challenging even at 9.5 volts. The cars were the obvious fun favorite. After the Novice Division completed their races the Experts took the track. The reactions to the cars were the same, sports cars very challenging,'s very quick.

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2016 NASTE Season Opener
Wednesday September 30, 2015

On Sunday September 20th, the NASTE racers converged on Bryan and Sherry Trachsel’s WFO Speedway to do battle in the first round of the NASTE 2016 racing season. In this the 20th consecutive year of the NASTE Point Series Championship, only those racers that choose to be included in the points chase will race for the opportunity to have their name added to the coveted NASTE Point Series trophy.

It seems fitting that we start out the season with the smallest cars we race, and work our way up from there. The HO cars at WFO Speedway are always challenging and provide for some very close racing. This first race did not disappointment as Bryan had prepared eight T-Jet style cars to compete with in an IROC style format.  Four Model Motoring ’55 Chevys and four Johnny Lightning style AC Cobras made up the field.

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