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NASTE Race #12 - Womps!
Tuesday April 14, 2015

A great group of twenty-seven racers attended the 12th NASTE race of the season at Bill Bostic’s Too Bad Motorplex in Fairview this past Sunday.  The car of the afternoon – Parma Womps – 1:24 scale.  VW Bugs to be specific.  Harkening all the way back to the early days of NASTE – a Dave Smith design.

Now you’d think with all those bugs loose that someone was going to get slugged but the only violence in attendance was occurring on the track.  The little slug-a-bugs buzzed around the circuit like a hoard of angry bees with each driver pushing to the limit.  

Occasionally one of the bees would get sent off with a little slap.  That only seemed to make them angrier.  

Despite such raucous behavior no bees were damaged - and no drivers were slugged.

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NASTE Race #11 - Thunderjets to the Max
Saturday April 04, 2015

We had big fun with the little cars at Hammer Time Speedway. As usual Terry Abbott prepared some exciting Aurora Thunderjet cars for us to race. However this time he went over-the-top! Yes, something even more outrageous than the Space-Jets, or even the Monster-Jets! But we'll get to that in a minute.

For the first round of racing Terry had four equally prepared muscle cars on the start line. Two Camaros and two Dodge Challengers. Bodies were of the Johnny Lightning variety. This first set of cars were fast and handled very well.

After racing a full set of three minute heats everyone was settling into the T-Jet pace. Then he sprung it on us! What the hell are those was the cry from the crowd? All I can say is; have you ever seen HO scale Isettas?

Yes, BMW Isettas were the cars of choice for the second round. Now these things may look like they might handle bad. Well I can tell you from experience, they do! But, what they lacked in handling they more than made up for in the fun department! We raced these little Isettas for one minute heats. I think that's all Terry thought we could stand. 


NASTE Race #10 - Return to the Gorge
Thursday March 19, 2015

NASTE racers returned to The Gorge for the 10th race of the 2015 season. With 18 racers in attendance we attacked the course with a vengeance! 

For the evening festivities a set of somewhat equally prepared SCX NASCARs with traction magnets were offered up.  And they happily ripped down the long front straight and through the first section of fast flowing curves, only to be confronted by the difficult and challenging infield section of tight corners and short straights.  

That’s when the real fun started!  Crash, bash, moan and groan.

And so it went, drivers would fly around half the track and then struggle to get the long NASCAR’s through the tight spots.  Some made it, some cried rider, some just cried.  Yes, the Gorge is a challenging Scalextric track to say the least.


NASTE Race #9 - The Loose Wheel Gathers No Laps
Tuesday March 10, 2015

An exceptional crowd of twenty-one racers came out to race at Bryan & Sherry’s WFO Speedway for the 9th race of the NASTE season.  And the action was, well frankly wild, frantic, and outrageous! 

Bryan had two sets of four T-jets for us to race. 

The first set of cars were the ’55 Chevys. The ’55 s are my personal favorites, they maintain that NASTE heritage. The racing in the first round with the ‘55s was exciting to say the least. The cars performed flawlessly until the last couple of heats. One of the cars experienced a loose rear wheel.  Since loose wheels only stay loose for so long it was soon to be so long wheel.  After a little time out for some automotive repairs the car was back and running like never before. , and not too long after lost it entirely. 


New Rules on tap for next season
Monday February 23, 2015

Yes, we've hammered out some new rules for the NASTE Championship Season that will go into effect next year.  You can review them here.


New Over 50 Class Debuts at TooBad Motorplex
Friday January 30, 2015

The new Over 50 Class took to the track for its first official race on the night January 29th.

The field was comprised of a diverse group of long gone manufacturers. Cox, Monogram, Classic, Strombecker, and Revell were all well represented.

It was great to see the old cars on the track racing again! The racing was close and there were some excellent on track battles! If you have an old 1/24 car sitting around, bring it out and get it on the track. You'll be glad you did!


NASTE Race #8 - The Enduro
Wednesday January 21, 2015

A new track, a new challenge, and another exciting evening of racing!  As you’ve probably all heard by now Monte and Victoria replaced their SCX Digital track with a new Carrera Digital track and it was a hit.

The new track is smooth as silk and the layout easy enough that after a few minutes most were driving like experts.  The Carrera Can Am cars Monte had prepared by removing the magnets and adding Paul Gage tires performed flawlessly, the system operated without a hitch.  The drivers?  Well, it is a NASTE event after all.

Once the sixteen racers in attendance had some practice time, we let the ladies – and Thomas – divide up the racers into four teams and it was Enduro time.

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NASTE Race #7 - The HO Master Returns
Tuesday January 06, 2015

The seventh race of the NASTE 2015 Point Series Championship, HO style, was held at WFO Speedway this past Saturday.  Sixteen racers evenly divided into the expert division and the NASTE Challenge division were in attendance.  

The racing was intense and very close!  There were some spectacular crashes in both divisions, pretty much equally divided between the AC Cobras raced in the first round, and the '55 Chevys raced in the second round.

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