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NASTE Race Night 15 - The Thundering Heard
Monday April 14, 2014

Jacquelin Park was the setting for the 15th NASTE race of the 2014 season and the third Enduro.  And this time Monte had all the equipment set up and running perfectly from power control to break-out timing, all systems were go. 

To add to the veritable excitement the cars of the night were SCX Digital NASCARs with magnets.  The idea is that cars with magnets would make driving easier for all levels of competitor...

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NASTE Race Night 14 - Classic Race and Rally
Monday April 07, 2014

Penguin Point welcomed fourteen racers for the fourteenth race in the season series.  This time Monte has set up two different classes of cars.  For the first set, Cartrix Classic F1 racers.  The second would be Ninco Stratos rally cars.

This was our first race with a set of Cartrix cars and there is a lot to like.  They seemed to run well and look fantastic.  The site of three open wheelers diving into the first turn looks amazing. 

Taking the checkered flag in the NASTE Challenge division was Dorothy Abbott with a near one lap lead over Perry Petrequin with Mike Lombardi another half lap back in third.  Dorothy’s victory promoted her to the Master Class for the second Cartrix set.  In the second set it was home town here Monte Saager taking the honors with Terry Abbot in second and Tracy Flood in third.

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The NASTEburgring - New Series Scheduled
Tuesday March 25, 2014

Who says it's going to be a dull summer?

 A new series has been scheduled between NASTE and PSSRA of Tacoma. 

The first event is scheduled for June 6 here in Portland while the second will be scheduled by the Tacoma group.

Fun and excitement await.  Check out the rules and get ready to go racing with some old-school formula one cars.


NASTE Race Night 13 - The Outer Limits
Friday March 21, 2014

NASTE racing at Terry & Dorothy Abbott’s Hammer Time Raceway; you just NEVER know what is going to be on the track for your racing enjoyment!  Wait, I take that back; there’s a pretty good chance they will be SMALL!

HO racing just doesn’t get any better than racing at Hammer Time, and Terry did not disappoint us. Terry took us back to our childhood HO racing days with some way cool, totally creative and imaginative race cars. Back in the old days none of us could keep some kind of knife away from our T-Jet cars. Add to that glue, putty, and thick coats of paint and we instantly had creations Big Daddy Ed Roth would have been proud to claim!  

On Saturday March 15th Terry Abbott allowed us to race those dream machines we created. For the first round of racing the field was set with some beautiful old style modified racers.  Terry expertly assembled these Aurora Thunderjet 500 cars using A/FX style wide wheels and tires, and T-Jet style Johnny Lightning Willys bodies with the fenders cut. These cars looked great, and they handled even better!

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NASTE Library
Wednesday March 05, 2014

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our website. Monte Saager has created a NASTE Document Library where we can save historical slot racing documents such as flyers, rule books, and newsletters from a time when there was no internet. Back when we had to type or print things out, and use a photo copier that wasn't located in our own homes.

We have already posted a few documents, and if you look in The Forum in Slot Car History, under The NASTE Library you can find some information on each document shown. If you have any dialog you can add, please feel free to reply in the forum!

Thank you, and please enjoy!


NASTE Race Night 12 - The Lightning Round
Monday February 24, 2014

A dozen racers took part in the twelfth race of the 20214 NASTE season held at Penguin Point this past Sunday.

For the first set Monte set out three LMP cars – two SCX Audi’s and a ScaleAuto Toyota.  Traction was a little on the down side and the powerful motors made it a little tough on the drivers.

Taking the top spot in the NASTE Challenge race was Dorothy Abbott with a total of 35.4 laps.  Tied for second was Victoria Saager and Tyler Petrequin with 34.8 laps.  With her victory Dorothy was moved into the Advanced race with the big dogs.

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NEW Track in Oregon!
Sunday February 09, 2014

Bob Nakamura's new 4 lane Scalextric track is up and running! The Gorge Raceway is located in Troutdale and it is a beauty! Look in the Forum for more details!


NASTE Race Night 11 - The Floods in Salem!
Sunday February 09, 2014

Yes, it was all about the Floods in Salem. But let me backtrack a little. Eight brave NASTE racers, without thought of personal safety, set out on an adventure of a life time. A trek if you will, to the far out reaches of Salem Oregon, in some of the most horrible, frightening, arctic conditions imaginable! Yes even just the thought of it brings my brain to numbness!

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