NASTE News for July

GRAVITY RACERS Construction Session #4
Thursday July 14, 2016

The TEAM NASTE Gravity Racer group will meet again Sunday, July 17th from 9:00am to noon for the fourth official construction session.

We will be finishing up all of the remaining bodywork and hopefully taking her for another test run.  

Here's your chance to join us for the ultimate downhill racer experience - the TEAM NASTE Gravity car!

Interested parties should contact Dennis to RSVP for more information or check the forum thread.  It's all downhill from here.


Vintage Trans Am Classic at The Gorge Raceway
Wednesday July 06, 2016

The Trans Am challenge race is for 1966-1972 Trans Am cars by Scalextric only. All cars will be out of the box stock. Rear tires are open to any type but must be on stock wheels. No adding of weight allowed. Body screws must be tight.

985 SE 10th Circle, Troutdale, OR 97060
Saturday, July 30, 2016

Doors open at 9AM, Racing starts at 10:30
Will run four times through with 3.5 minute heats.

Entry Fee is 10.00 and includes lunch


2016 NASTE Season - The Shoot Out
Tuesday June 21, 2016

The NASTE 2016 racing season was brought to a close with the final race held at Rapid Raceway. There were two preliminary races followed by the final Shoot Out race for the championship. A set of four 1/24 Sports Racer cars were used for the Trophy Dash race and the "B" Main. The cars featured Ferrari 312P bodies supplied by Team Bluegroove of Canada, mounted on H&R chassis running H&R 26,000 RPM motors. The cars proved to be very durable and provided for some very close racing.

The first race was the Trophy Dash for all the NASTE racers who did not compete in the Point Series Championship. Dorothy "The Hammer" Abbott lead the way to the finish line to take the win.


2016 NASTE Season - Race No. 10 - It's Hammer Time!
Thursday May 26, 2016

An excellent field of twenty racers met at Terry and Dorothy Abbott's Hammer Time Speedway for the final round of the NASTE 2016 Championship.  

The Hammer Time Speedway is a four lane Max Track for HO scale cars. Terry had prepared three sets of cars for us to race in the NASTE IROC style race format. Our first and actually most challenging task was to complete a set of two-minute heat races with a group on Thunderjet Pontiac GTOs.  They ranged from mild to wild.


2016 NASTE Season - Race No. 9 - Autumn Hills
Monday April 25, 2016

On April 17 the racers met up at Rico Locati's Autumn Hills Raceway in Milwaukie for the ninth race of the 2016 season. Round one of the race had Fly Porsche GT1s on the starting grid. Although the cars performed quite well they proved to be a handful on the challenging course. Both the Novice and Expert divisions struggled somewhat with the cars, but still turned in some impressive lap totals. After the racers had put the Fly Porsches through their paces they were removed from the track. 

And then..........there they were on the start line. Yes, it was the return of the Flying Fickle Fiats of Fate! A pair of Ninco's finest.......ok maybe not quite their finest, but it was a pair! There is no way these cars should be this much fun, but on the Autumn Hills track the Fiats RULE!

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2016 NASTE Season - Race No. 8 - The Gorge
Sunday March 27, 2016

On March 29th the NASTE racers made the trek to Troutdale, the home of Bob Nakamura’s large Scalextric 4-lane layout better known as the Gorge Raceway.

We had been scheduled here earlier in the season but a small flood took over part of Bob’s basement hastening the reschedule.  And what a treat.  In the interim Bob had not only repaired the water damage to his basement but also found time to cover the lane rails in copper tape.  Beautiful, shiny, copper tape!  Conductivity issues were now and thing of the past as cars zipped around the track with reckless abandon with an accent on the reckless portion.  And don’t forget there were still corners in the way.

After some time for practice and food the cars of the evening were presented – Porsches sharply tuned by Bill Bostic.  They were quick, handled great and brought a great fun factor to the night.

First up, the Novice bracket with Thomas Flood added to the mix to fill out the four lane grid.  And in true expert fashion Thomas took them to task, with Victoria Saager taking second and Daryl Deabler taking third.


Digital Racing in Vancouver
Thursday March 10, 2016

Welcome to the Dark Side, well actually the Park Side as in the Park Side Raceway located just over the river in Vancouver, WA. Owner Dan Fritz describes the track as about 100' of madcap digital racing fun on a 16' x 8' table using two lane Scalextric Sport track with full borders and two lane pit. There's also computerized race control via RSC64 as well as a 32" monitor to track race information. The track looks fantastic with full scenery.  There's also working lights for night racing.

Racing available on Monday evenings.  Contact Dan for more information.


2016 NASTE Season - Race No. 7
Friday February 26, 2016

On February 21st 2016 the NASTE gang descended (literally) on Al Christensen's basement for the seventh race of the 2016 NASTE season and to officially break in Rippin' Ridin' Raceway. 

RRR is a fast three lane routed track with a couple nice long straights, some twisty esses, and a tight hairpin thrown in for good measure. Al had two different sets of IROC cars prepared for the race. The first set of cars were GT40s. The GT40s were well prepared and provided for some very close racing. 

In the Novice group Dorothy Abbott finished first with Dominic Locati second and Perry Petrequin finishing in third. After the Novice group the Intermediates took the track. Finish positions were again close with Todd Flood in first, followed by Jimmy Jones and Tyler Petrequin. The last group to hit the track with the GT40s were the Experts. Bill Bostic finished first, Monte Saager second, followed by Bryan Trachsel in third. 


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NASTE provides slot car hobbyist’s with opportunities to further their interest in slot cars through social gathers as well as structured race programs. NASTE also connects with other clubs which provides even more options for racing.

NASTE was established in 1996 by a small group of slot car racing enthusiasts in the Portland, Oregon area that wanted something different. At first we raced on a short, 3 lane routed 1/24 scale track. The racing was intense! Click here to view the original site. Soon we expanded adding more tracks to the racing schedule.

Our goal is to make our racing inexpensive, with the main focus being on having FUN! Besides, we have learned that low tech can be very competitive! So, check out our cars and tracks and drop us a line if you have any questions or comments. And if you're in our local area, feel free to join us. You are more than welcome.




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Upcoming Events

Slot.It "C" Class and IROC
The first race will be the new Slot.It "C" Class cars.  Rules listed in the forum.

The second race will be IROC with different cars each time. We'll try to pick some cars that are fun to run so it will be more of a drivers set. This will give some the chance to try some types of cars they might not otherwise.

Doors open at 1pm
Racing at 2pm


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